The Next Step

I recently attended Game On! An Insider’s Guide to Video Game Scoring, which was fantastic in all kinds of ways. The keynotes were incredibly useful, the interviews were insightful and fun, and I met some great people. All in all, it was one of the best seminars I’ve been to in many, many years.

I’ll be experimenting with some of the techniques we covered when I put together Episode 8, which I’ll be starting in mid-May.

There will also be a long-overdue website redesign this summer. New logo! Colors that work together! It’ll be fun.

Episode 7: Blackwood

In which the woods are not empty.


Where am I?

Still here.

Toward the end of 2011, my mother passed away. I took a break after that to sort some things (and myself) out, so a lot of projects got put on hold. Audio Wanderer was one of them.

Now that we’re in the middle part of 2012, I’m putting things together again and getting back on track. I have an album coming out very soon, I’ve got some film and dance projects lined up, and I’m performing locally both solo and with Pirates of Dreamtime. My schedule’s getting back to its usual crazy/busy self.

Where does that leave the podcast? On a back burner at the moment, sadly. There are still a lot of places on my “to visit” list, though, so there will eventually be more. It’s not likely to be until the end of summer at the earliest.

In the meantime… please enjoy wherever you are.

The Vault of the Bone Thief (Remix)

Episode 4 was my first music project after switching platforms to Logic Studio, and I wasn’t quite able to get the sound I wanted. I’ve gone back and edited the mix, tweaking a few things here and there, and I’m much more pleased with this version.

Higher quality audio files (much better than the MP3 settings I use for the podcast) and individual tracks are available at

Happy Halloween!

Episode 6: 49N 15E

In which the Cold War never ended and secrets are broadcast.

Episode 6 Notes

This episode was inspired by numbers stations, and by extension the Cold War and where it crosses over into the modern era of military cybersecurity. I could go on and on about how fascinating and disturbing these spy radio stations are, but hopefully I’ve conveyed that in the podcast so I won’t.

The cover art was once again provided by Tansy Undercrypt, my amazing wife and (among other things) producer of Precarious Audio Theater.

Song titles for Episode 6 (using the term “song” rather loosely):

  1. AW6 (Intro)
  2. Perimeter
  3. UVB-76
  4. Hostiles
  5. BE
  6. Crypto
  7. 7426
  8. The Source of the Glow
  9. Worm
  10. The Petrov Alternative

If you enjoy this sort of thing, I also recommend checking these out:

The Conet Project: The definitive collection of raw numbers stations recordings and certified nightmare fuel.

Number Stations: Released by PublicStations Lab in 2010, this is a collection of various artists interpreting and incorporating numbers station material.

Number Stations part II: Released by PublicStations Lab this March, along the same lines and just as good.

Dark Ambient #33: All of the Dark Ambient podcasts are good; this is the Numbers episode.

One from the Vault

I’ve noticed that of the episodes so far, Vault of the Bone Thief continues to get the most downloads. Why is that, I wonder? If anyone would like to share what they like about that episode in particular, that’d be great.

When I’ve got Episode 6 up (which is on schedule for next week), I’ll be revisiting the Vault to put together a (hopefully much) better mix, and I’ll also get it out on Bandcamp for high quality downloads.

Meanwhile, back to the cold war and numbers stations for me.

Memory Pool

This was originally one of the songs for the next episode, but since it turned out more “melancholy piano” than “military cybernetics” I’m putting it up as a free download over at Bandcamp instead.

Episode 6 Teaser


047 047 047

69182 02433 12681 97667 85882

02808 05771 55064 05242 18453

52732 91124 21262 58504 46189

26504 76957 17629 98219 98921


Episode 5: The City of Pillars

In which the search for a stray camel reveals something wondrous.

The City of Pillars